Palliative Care in Rural and Remote Areas

Oct 18, 2012
Palliative care is care provided for people living with and dying from a terminal condition, and for whom the primary goal is quality of life. A variety of factors often make looking after people towards the end of their lives more challenging in rural and remote areas.
  • About 7 million Australians live outside major cities, and they have shorter lives and higher levels of some illnesses and health risks than the majority of city dwellers. Mortality rates increase with increasing remoteness.
  • Many people, especially those in rural and remote communities, would like to spend their last weeks at home or in a small facility near people they know, with the support of local primary care professionals if needed.
  • Research conducted by Southern Cross University suggests that fewer than 25% of Australians have written an advance health care directive or have put in place an enduring power of attorney.
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