Longer Lives Better Health: Helping Seniors Preserve Their Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being

by David Golebiewski; Laurie Gottlieb

Jul 1, 2015

This ROOTS is intended to celebrate the work the Foundation has done with many good partners to re-envision aging. By addressing the physical, social, technological, and environmental factors that minimize disability and foster prevention, we aim to change the trajectories of decline and dependence. But our aspirations go further. We believe that the years post-65 can be truly golden. Worries and challenges of youth and middle age are in the past. There can and should be much joy in the present. But our systems of care must change to better meet the needs of those who want independent living and community engagement. My hope is that this ROOTS will inspire others to join us in enhancing the well-being of older adults. And I encourage other foundations -- if not already engaged -- to contemplate the satisfactions of an aging agenda. If we do it right, while advances in medicine and technology are adding years to life, we can also add life to years.
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