International Expert Advisory Group Report on Palliative Care

Mar 15, 2006
This report details the recommendations of the Advisory Group and it should be considered in conjunction with the NAC Report and the Design Guidelines for Specialist Palliative Care Settings. It is hoped that this report will be a useful resource to all individuals and groups interested in developing high quality specialist palliative care services both in Ireland and abroad.
  • Access to specialist palliative care services should be based on need and not based on diagnosis or life expectancy alone.
  • Palliative care settings should include the provision of a single room for patients in inpatient units, provision of adequate resource and education facilties for patients and families, and anticipation of developments in information technology.
  • The development of academic departments of palliative care are urgently needed in all medical faculties, including efficient and effective training.
  • Basic principles of palliative care should be taught to healthcare professionals in relevant disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
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