Globe: All Ireland Programme for Immigrant Parents: Final Evaluation Report

by John Canavan; Liam Coen

Feb 1, 2012

In 2007, the Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway, was commissioned by the PMC to evaluate Globe: All Ireland Programme for Immigrant Parents. From 2007 - 2009 a number of interim evaluation reports were submitted to the PMC on the development phase of the project and its resources. In 2009, following the extension of the project, the objectives of the evaluation were revised. These objectives, which underpin this final evaluation report, are as follows: Examine and assess the pilot phase; Examine and assess the uptake and use of the Information Packs by parents and practitioners; Examine and assess the partnership working and development on a multi-sectoral and crossborder basis of the PMC, and more generally in meeting the needs of immigrant parents; Examine and assess the mainstreaming of learning and good practice; and Examine and assess the training/awareness raising and support of practitioners in delivering the programme.
  • A very high number of potential future professionals received the capacity and awareness training day and globe toolkit. The PMC or member organisations should consider initiating contact and work with further/higher education institutions who received the capacity and awareness training and resources. Attempts should be made to track the extensive numbers of students who received the training and resources to examine future use in practice.
  • In any potential revisions to the toolkit the possibility of adding signposts to online or hardcopy sources of information should be explored.
  • Consider refining the information pack to reflect more local information, or signposting practitioners and parents to sources of local information.
  • The provision of an electronic toolkit is a positive, cost-effective development in sustaining the globe. However, it is clear that the resources, in tandem with the capacity and awareness training day, have made the most impact. Any electronic circulation of the toolkit should be done so with consideration for the capacity and awareness training day developed by culturewise.
  • In addition to this successful mainstreaming approach, the pmc or member organisations should consider a dissemination plan for the findings of this evaluation and learning from the toolkit more generally.
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