Evaluation: Programme to Support Palliative and Hospice Care in the Republic of Ireland, Final Report

by Agnes Higgins; Geralyn Hynes; Jonathan Drennan; Mary McCarron; Peter May; Phil Larkin; Philip McCallion; Sheila Payne

Jan 17, 2013
Investment in end-of-life care has made Ireland a world leader in advancing palliative and hospice care but regional inequities persist, according to an evaluation by Professor Mary McCarron and colleagues at Trinity College Dublin.

This evaluation examined The Atlantic Philanthropies' End of Life programme -- which aimed to improve the care and quality of life for patients dying from an incurable illness and to ensure they and their families received excellent end-of-life care and services. From its first grant in 2004 through its final grant in 2010, Atlantic invested €25 million in the programme.
  • The EoL program resulted in increased access to care in all settings following investment in services in hospice, hospital and at home, as well as increased awareness of hospital and palliative care nationally, among both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • The program provided increased access to care for non-cancer patients and established providers supported by the program have increased the quality and quantity of care consistent with government policy.
  • Atlantic Philanthropies' funding of advocacy related and evidence-based research has contributed substantially tio the enhanced status of hospice and palliative care on the policy agenda.
  • This program has led to the movement of advocacy research into government policy and public debate, and implementation of higher standards of service provision and monitoring.
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