Evaluation of the Immigrant Citizens Survey (ICS)

by Albert Kraler; Alina Cibea; David Reichel

May 1, 2012
This evaluation undertakes a critical appraisal of the "Immigrant Citizens Survey (ICS)". The survey was funded under the European Integration Fund and jointly coordinated by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) and the Migration Policy Group (MPG). The survey was implemented in cooperation with research, polling and launch partners in the 7 countries covered by the survey. The survey was implemented in 2011 and 2012 and launched in May 2012.
  • Due to the unique undertaking of surveying the well defined target group of all immigrants who have ever been subject to immigration policies related to non-EU citizens, the sample cannot be easily compared to other surveys (or data sources) because almost no comparable surveys exist.
  • As concerns methodology and scientific robustness of the survey, it is clearly comparable to other surveys conducted in European cities.
  • Concerning the question on whether to mainstream immigrant integration matters into a general survey or to rather organise a series of specific targeted surveys in many countries, the answer is clearly, yes to both.
  • It is highly recommended that targeted international surveys with immigrants should be conducted more often and ideally on a regular basis with a comparable design in order to allow for European comparison and policy input.
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