Critical Success Factors that Enable Individuals to Die in their Preferred Place of Death

Feb 24, 2012
Highlighting good practice from seven Primary Care Trusts across the country, this report identifies the critical success factors associated with improving end of life care and enabling a person to die in the place of their choice.
  • Surveys generally indicate that between 60% and 70% of people prefer to die in their home, but 50% of people dying each year do so within an acute hospital setting.
  • Increases in the percentage of individuals able to die outside of the acute setting are not related to differences in data on population, areas of deprivation or the number of GPs in the area or the deaths they deal with on an annual basis.
  • Geographical differences may impact on the actual numbers as in more rural areas deaths outside of the acute setting are generally higher (which does not necessarily reflect quality services) and within inner cities the acute sector may have a higher number of individuals choosing to die in the hospital.
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